Notes from Thursday’s January 10, $ 2008 TAC meeting



In attendance: (those with * are members of the TAC)

*Anthony Graves, *Theresa Goergen, *Tamara Sadoo, *Laura Bavaro, Liz Krolik, Valentine Alessi, Dave Thompson, Kevin Jennings, Audrey Kessler, Robert Kessler, Connie Kepert, *Kevin McAllister, *George Costa, *Dan Lewis, *Chart Guthrie, *Adrienne Esposito. 


Meeting began at 2:09pm.  Adrienne Esposito welcomed everyone to first TAC meeting. 


It’s announced that the next Carmans River Protection Working Group Meeting’s there will be speakers:

·        1/31 Scott Kishbaugh  of  NYSDEC Division of Water will present

·        2/13 Glenn Sullivan of Allied Biological will present and Brian Gaber of American River will present. (Glenn Sullivan made clear to chair Allied Biological not only specializes in herbicides, but goes beyond that check out website)


Questions are raised on how TAC and Working group will organize to determine solutions.


Chair states that the process will rely on the Working Group to assimilate presentations and recommendations of TAC in making their decisions.


Funding sources are discussed:

·        $200,000 –From Suffolk County for Feasibility Study

·        $50,000-From Suffolk County for pilot study (application for grant specifies Canaan Lake, but may be applicable to the upper and lower lakes.)

·        $100,000- From Town of Brookhaven for a feasibility study

·        $1,2400,000 TOB Bond Act (For fish passage and removal of invasive species.

·        $100,000 from TOB (for feasibility study, I will be emailing this resolution out next week)


Committee discusses role of TAC:

·        Determine options

·        Problems with options

·        Benefits with options

·        Informational gaps with options

·        Funding available for options

·        Tell experts (consultants) what goals are

·        Will coordinate with County and Town


Group discussed timeline for reaching goal.  3 mos were estimated for development of RFP and three mos for reviewing the proposals. 


Points made:

·        Feasibility of options for invasive species is goal and not watershed mgmt. 

·        Recommended option may require Environmental Impact Statement

TAC reviews Draft Outline of Comprehansive Plan to Eradicate Variable Leaf Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum heterophyllum) and Carolina Fanwort (Cabomba caroliniana) from Upper Lake and Lower Lake in the Carmens River Watershed.  (Laura Bavaro will update outline with suggestions made by TAC)


Next TAC meeting is announced:

·        2/1/08 at 9:30 am at the Suffolk County Center (infirmary) in Yaphank. (this is the morning after the next Working Group Meeting). TAC will take a trip to the lakes w/ Scott Kishbaugh) Wear sneakers!


Notes Taken by Liz Krolik