Newsday - June 9, 2011 - by Jennifer Smith
 "Recycling Rumble - State OKs big operations that help environment but clash with local zoning - and neighbors feel fallout"

  • "Heavy trucks bound for the two operations rumble down wooded East Main Street, past 19th century structures in an area zoned for residential use. Neighbors said that over the last two years, the traffic, fumes, noise and stench of rotting vegetation have made sitting outside on warm days intolerable and sleeping a challenge. The Town of Brookhaven is seeking to shut one site, saying it needs town approval to operate in a residential zone, and said it is investigating the other.... " View Video

LI Advance - February 17, 2011 - by Linda Leuzzi
 A Draft Watershed Plan to Protect the River is Accepted

  • "There are 5,400 acres already protected in the Carmans River Watershed, with another 3,700 on the town's radar in the draft Carmans River Watershed Protection & Management Plan proposed for open space acquisition that even includes Legacy Village, although with a caveat." Read Advance Article

Newsday - November 16, 2010
 Lesko and Civic Groups Seek Dialogue on Carmans River

  • "A study group is expected to develop guidelines for protecting the 10-mile river from private development. There are presently no special protections for private lands that border the Carmans, which runs from Middle Island to Shirley."
    Read Newsday Article

Newsday - October 21, 2010
 Brookhaven Proposal Would Preserve Carmans River

  • "In what the participants lauded as a watershed moment in protecting Long Island's environment, Brookhaven and other government officials joined environmentalists Wednesday to outline an agreement for preserving the pristine Carmans River. Standing on town parkland by the river in Yaphank, Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko announced the town was forming a Carmans River Study Group to develop guidelines for protecting the river from polluting development. Currently there is no special protection for private land bordering the 10-mile stream."
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Long Island Advance - June 3, 2010

"Goals To Protect The River - Brookhaven's Carmans River Protection Plan draws crowd .."  Read More ...

Patchogue Advance - Letter Concerning Legacy Village

"Environmental and civic groups voice concerns to legislature: Just a few days after the Carmans River Partnership meeting, several of the same organizations that are members forwarded a letter to the Suffolk County Legislature with their concerns about the major waterway and Legacy Village project." Read Patchogue Advance article ...

Health officials eye private Brookhaven hamlet wells - Jennifer Smith - Newsday, Dec. 14, 2008

"Suffolk health officials are knocking on doors in Brookhaven hamlet, telling residents with private wells to have them tested for traces of a plume that originated decades earlier at the town landfill..." Read More...

Storm water to be filtered - Jennifer Smith - Newsday, Nov. 20, 2008

"In what Suffolk officials call Long Island's most extensive municipal effort to reduce storm water pollution, the Village of Babylon plans to install filters at every village outfall pipe that leads to the Great South Bay..."

Brookhaven Town Press Room - August 19, 2008

"At Tuesday night's Town Board meeting, Brookhaven Councilwoman Kepert responded to the Coalition To Save The Yaphank Lakes by ushering in a resolution to officially change the name of the Upper and Lower Lakes in Yaphank to Willow and Lilly Lakes respectively."

Newsday - April 1, 2008

"Long Island's first permanent fish ladder made its official debut yesterday at Southaven County Park in Brookhaven, where a dam has long prevented migratory fish from swimming up the Carmans River to spawn."  Read More...

Suffolk Life - January 23, 2008

"The issue of how to eradicate invasive aquatic plant species that are forming within the Carmans River watershed is coming to a head, and local residents who make up the Coalition to Save the Yaphank Lakes have their own idea of a solution. ..."  Read More ...

"The Brookhaven Town Board recently authorized a resolution appropriating approximately $1.24 million for aquatic habitat restoration in the town. John Turner, director of Brookhaven Town's Department of Environmental Protection, said funding for the project will come from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund..."  Read More ...

Long Island Advance - January 3, 2008

"The Carmans River may have dodged a bullet six years ago, when it was determined ..."  Read More ...

NYS DEC Press Release - December 26, 2007

Special Unit to Tackle Dramatic Rise in Invasive Species. New Office Will Coordinate Public Outreach, Legislation and Research Needs. With invasive species proliferating throughout New York's waterways, forests and farmlands, Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis announced today the formation of a new office within DEC to focus on one of the state's fastest growing environmental threats. Read More ...

Newsday - December 26, 2007

"DEC establishes office to fight invasive species statewide. New York's efforts against exotic pests like lake-choking mollusks, rampant alien weeds and wasps that attack pine trees will be crafted by a new state office. While manual labor has been an effective deterrent in spots, some non-native species are already well established and others are on the horizon. One of the tasks of the Office of Invasive Species is to map and record all those threats to native wildlife."

Suffolk Life - December 12, 2007

"In an effort to stem the rising tide of the invasive cabomba weed plaguing the Carmans River and address whether existing dams should remain intact, the Brookhaven Town Board unanimously authorized the formation of an advisory task force. While some oppose removal of the dams, claiming that it would cause existing lakes to recede," Read More ...

Suffolk Life - November 21, 2007

"The Carmans River provides habitat for an array of aquatic species, including brook trout, large-mouthed bass, eel and river herring. But the man-made dams installed a few hundred years ago are what give the river its lake characteristics that, in turn, provide warmer water temperatures for an aquatic species foreign to cold water rivers - like the invasive cabomba weed - to thrive in. " Read More ...

Newsday - May 10, 2006

" Some of Long Island's dams have been here so long they've become part of the landscape. Built to power mills or create ice ponds in the days before refrigeration, the dams also hampered age-old migratory patterns of fish such as alewives and eels that once headed upstream from the sea to mature or spawn." Read More ...

Brookhaven Town - May 9, 2006

"FARMINGVILLE, NY Brookhaven ; Supervisor Brian X. Foley joined with
Environmental Defense, represented by renowned actress Isabella Rossellini, and Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy on Tuesday to announce an aggressive new program to restore key stream habitats in Brookhaven Town." Read More ...

Water Resources Monitoring Strategy, South Shore Estuary
January, 2000

"Salmonid restoration effort should focus on tributaries proximal to existing inlets (e.g., Fire Island) which provide stable temperature regimes, especially in the summer and fall. The closing of Old Inlet on Fire Island, opposite Carmans River, is believed to have contributed to the decline of that river's sea-run trout fishery.""