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     In regards to weed harvesting, this may have to be done 2 times per

year.  Since the areas are shallow the water level may have to be

raised in order to float the loaded harvester.  One advantage of the

shallow waters is that the cutter bar on the harvester should be able

to cut just above the hydrosoil.  The hydrosoil is the layer of

sediment that comes in contact with the water.   By cutting the

plants this close to the hydrosoil the regrowth of the plants may be


     AAI will supply our larger weed harvester for the lakes and also

supply our shore conveyor.  The harvested weeds will be directly

unloaded onto the shore conveyor and then the harvested weeds will

travel on the shore conveyor and fall into the bed of a dump truck..

The truck and disposal site should be supplied by your town.  If they

do not have a dumptruck we can supply one.

We will also need an access point to launch the harvester into the lakes.

The water depth should be at least 3 ft. deep to launch the harvester.

     The advantages of harvesting are: no permits are needed,  no

herbicides are used to control the weeds, can be selective on areas

to harvest, removal of biomass and nutrients incorporated in weeds,

quick results.  Disadvantages of harvesting, may have to be done more

than once/yr., need a disposal site for harvested weeds, need a lauch

site, may take several weeks to do both lakes.

     Costs for this will range between 15-30,000 for both lakes.

     Hydroraking or rototilling should be done after the first year.  AAI

should gain some experience on these lakes first to evaluate the

results of the proposed harvesting. In order to hydrorake NYDEC

permits are required and costs range in the permits of

$3,000.-$4,000. depending on the amount of meetings set with DEC.

Permit processing times range from 90 days to 6 months to get


     AAI has a hydroraking video on youtube,  go to youtube, and search

for hydroraking and video will come up. Best Regards, Larry Kovar